Marilyn and animals

Marilyn had always been kind and loving towards animals and she was a real animal lover. She had several pets during her life. Here are some of them;

She had a mixed breed dog named Tippy in 1931  when she lived with the Bolenders, but sadly, Tippy died in June 1933. Tippy was run over by a car near the house. Ida Bolender told her that a neighbor killed the poor little dog with a shotgun, for being too annoying for him, beacuse she thought it would comfort Marilyn if Tippy died fast and painless. However, the death of Tippy was a huge grief for little Norma Jeane.


During her marriage to Jim Dougherty she had a spaniel named Muggsie. Muggsie died shortly after she started her carrier in modeling.



On her 24th birthday in 1950, she got a little chihuahua named Josefa as a birthday gift from Joesph Schnek, head production of 20th century fox.



In 1955, when she lived in New York City, she had a Persian cat called Mitsou.


In the late 50's, she and Arthur had a basset hound called Hugo and a parakeet named Butch.


Bildresultat för marilyn and hugo



In 1958, Marilyn and Arthur had a horse named Ebony.


In 1959, The Miller's got a Siamese cat named Sugar Finney. 


Bildresultat för marilyn and siamese cat


In 1962, Marilyn got a white poodle as a gift from Frank Sinatra. She called the dog "Maf Honey" as a light-hearted joke in honor of Frank. After Marilyn passed away, he was adopted by Frank's secretary Gloria Lovell. Sadly, Maf was run over by a milk truck in August 1974. 


Bildresultat för marilyn and maf


Bildresultat för marilyn and maf

This photo of Maf is actually taken my Marilyn herself! 




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Great info ! How do you find it?

Svar: Well, have researched a lot for about one year now. I have used books, websites, photos and videos. I can recommend Icon: The life, times and films of Marilyn Monroe vol 1 & 2. Also, Immortal Marilyn and Cursum Perfecio. :)