Vintage around the world 🌍

I love to visit vintage stores and whenever I travel, I try to go and visit as many vintage stores as I can. Below, are some vintage stores that I can recommend if any of you guys go travelling.  ♡ 


Stockholm, Sweden

Old Touch, Upplandsgatan 43.


Beyond Retro, Drottninggatan 77.


Beyond Retro, Brännkyrkan 82, Zinkensdamm.


Daisy Dapper, Katarina Bangata 33.


Sivletto, Malmgårsvägen 16-18.


Lisa Larsson, Bondegatan 48.


Emmaus Vintage, Peter Myndes Backe 8. 


Grand pa, Södermannagatan 21.


Epok Vintage, Odengatan 83.


Saker & Ting, Sturegatan 28.

Stadsmissionen, Hantverkargatan 78.

Berlin, Germany

Strawbetty, Gärtnerstrasse 32.


Made in Berlin, Neue Schönhauser 19, Mitte.

Colours, Bergmansstrasse 102, Merhingdamm.

Humana, Frankfurter Tor 3, Friedrichshain. (Europe's biggest Second-hand department store, it's 4 levels!!) 


Alex Vintage, Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 17, Mitte.

Checkpoint, Mehringdamm 41, Mitte.

XVII, Steinstrasse 17, Mitte. 

Strychnin Store, Kopernikussstrasse 15.

Budapest, Hungary

LoveBug Vintage, Margit Krt 62.

Ludovika, Rumbach Sebestyén Street 15.

Cydonia Vintage, Hajós Street 43.


Humana Vintage (On multiple locations)



London, Great Brittain

Bait Footwear (I couldn't find the new location)

Beyond Retro, Cheshire Street.

Blitz, Banbury Street 55.

House of Vintage, Cheshire Street 4.

Rellik, Golborne Road 8.



Besame Cosmetics, Magnolia Blvd, Burbank.


Besame Cosmetics, 3rd Street, Los Angeles.

Rome, Italy

Pifebo, Via Dei Valeri 10.


Kingsize, Via Leonina 78.


Bohemienne, Via Dei Cappellari 96.


Humana Vintage, Via Cavour 102.


Cinzia Vestiti Usati, Via D Governo Vecchio 45.

Paris, France

GoldyMama, 14 Rue Du Surmelin.


Omaya Vintage, 29 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud.

Rose Bunker, 10 Rue Aristide Bruant.


Mamie, 73 Rue De Rochechouart.




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Womens fashion through history

As you may know by now, I absolutly love vintage fashion.I have a kind of mixed style, so I like clothes from the beggining of the 20th century to the 1960´s, but my absolute favourite decades are the 1940´s and 1950´s. So to mix it up a bit, I thought I would write little facts about different decades of the 20th centuy! :)
"Modest and decent"
In the beggining of the 20th century, women would often have long hair and wear it in a updo. The clothes were very modest, with high collars, many buttons, small shoes or boots, big hats, lots of lace and all dresses were ankle-length.
"New, fun and crazy"
The 20´s is often seen as a happy and crazy decade, because of all the glamorous parties with dancing flappers.The clothes had a straight silhouette and knee-length dresses, small round hats and more visible shoes with small heels were very popular during this time.
"Simple yet fun"
The 30´s was a tough time for the fashion indrusty, because of the stock market crisis and the beggining of Word War 2, women couldn´t afford luxury clothes, therefore stores stopped selling a lot of luxury clothes. Even though the fashion was kind of simple, the decade still had lots of colours and patterns, longer dresses, different hats, long pants, shoes with steady heels and it´s still swimsuits that applies, for men too. (No two-pieces yet) 
"Tough, military fashion"
In the 40´s, hats were still fashionable and a new style for women appears. Red lips, steady heels, long pants, blouses and dresses with emphasized areas such as hips, shoulders and waist. Women often wore shoulder pads and pads for the hips under the clothes, to shape their bodies. During this time, there were also two-piece bahtingsuits available.
"Cute, flirty and sexy"
In the 50´s, women could wear more revealing clothes and accessoaries such as gloves, jewrely, pumps and capes were very polpuar. The bust and waist was emphasized to create the ideal body at the time.
"Bohemic, colourful and casual"  
Big and teased hair, all kinds of patterns and colours, A- silhouette and shoes in different designs describes the fun and colourful 60´s! 
I hope you enjoyed this little post of mine and please feel free to contact me if there are any questions or suggestions on what you would like too see next on my blog! 
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