Marilyn and animals

Marilyn had always been kind and loving towards animals and she was a real animal lover. She had several pets during her life. Here are some of them;

She had a mixed breed dog named Tippy in 1931  when she lived with the Bolenders, but sadly, Tippy died in June 1933. Tippy was run over by a car near the house. Ida Bolender told her that a neighbor killed the poor little dog with a shotgun, for being too annoying for him, beacuse she thought it would comfort Marilyn if Tippy died fast and painless. However, the death of Tippy was a huge grief for little Norma Jeane.


During her marriage to Jim Dougherty she had a spaniel named Muggsie. Muggsie died shortly after she started her carrier in modeling.



On her 24th birthday in 1950, she got a little chihuahua named Josefa as a birthday gift from Joesph Schnek, head production of 20th century fox.



In 1955, when she lived in New York City, she had a Persian cat called Mitsou.


In the late 50's, she and Arthur had a basset hound called Hugo and a parakeet named Butch.


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In 1958, Marilyn and Arthur had a horse named Ebony.


In 1959, The Miller's got a Siamese cat named Sugar Finney. 


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In 1962, Marilyn got a white poodle as a gift from Frank Sinatra. She called the dog "Maf Honey" as a light-hearted joke in honor of Frank. After Marilyn passed away, he was adopted by Frank's secretary Gloria Lovell. Sadly, Maf was run over by a milk truck in August 1974. 


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Bildresultat för marilyn and maf

This photo of Maf is actually taken my Marilyn herself! 




Marilyn´s korea trip

I think Marilyn was genuinly happy during her USO tour and I think that´s one of the reasons why I love photographs from Korea so much. Every picture taken from the trip, she´s smiling. It seemes like she had a lot of fun there, and I think it´s understandable. Every man there adored her, even if many hadn´t even seen a movie of hers. However, here are some quotes and photos from the trip! 
"She gave us the feeling that she wanted to be there. She took her time, speaking with each of us about our lives and our hometowns and our civilian jobs." - Ted Cieszynski, army photographer 
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"She was almost as courageous as we were because she was wearing a tight cocktail dress and nothing else, and it was freezing cold."  
- A soldier on Marilyn
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"I felt I belonged. For the first time in my life I had the feeling that the people seeing me were accepting me and liking me... For the first time I felt like a movie star" - Marilyn
"It was the best thing that ever happend to me. I never felt like a star before in my heart. It was so wonderful to look down and see a fellow smiling at me." 
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"The movie star was at her glamorous best when she performed ten USO shows in four days for U.S. soldiers, airmen, Marines and sailors during the Korean War in early 1954.

I was with a group of Navy guys who happened to be at Daegu Air Force Base when we heard Marilyn would entertain there that night. We convinced our transport pilot to find something wrong with our R4D transport, so we could delay the return flight to our ship in Tokyo Bay for that one night.

It was a great evening for all the homesick guys who were dazzled by the movie star’s performance. The sight and sounds of Marilyn singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is a memory I still cherish. " - Ted Sherman 
Bildresultat för marilyn performing in korea
 Bildresultat för marilyn in korea gif
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