Reasons why I love Marilyn

I love and admire Marilyn for many, many reasons, I´ts hard to write them all, but I thought I would do a list of 10 reasons why I love and look up to Marilyn Monroe;
I love her love for animals. She was so kind and loving towards them and I´ve always loved that. Marilyn´s first husband, James Dougherty once wrote about how he came home to find his young bride trying to lead a cow into  the kitchen because she felt sorry for it being out alone in the rain. If she found fish laying on the beach she would take them and toss them back into the ocean. When she came across young boys trapping pigeons to sell to a butcher, she met them every week and gave them the same amount of money they would have sold them for, just to set them free. She also had a lot of pets during her life, which the treated with love and kindness.
She was an excellent actress, but sadly, her acting skills and talent are often very underrated. I think she did a great job in every category. She made fantastic performances in dramas, comedys, thrillers, romantics, you name it!  
She´s a great role model to young people out there; She did a lot of charity work, she stood up for her black friends when they were ostracized by people, she talked openly about sexual abuse, she frequently visisted orphanges and she often spent more time with coloured children because she knew they got less love than other children, she was kind, loving and understanding towards everybody. She didn´t care if you were poor, rich, black or white. She treated everybody with kindness. She also made her carrier all by herself, she worked her way up and she never took advantage of anybody to get there. 
She really cared about her fans and she never took them for granted.She always took time to pose for photos, sign autographs and had conversations with her fans.She would invite them to her apartment and costume tests, share cabs with them and really listen to what they had to say. She was engaged and wanted to hear about their lives.
Even though Marilyn was the world´s biggest movie star, she preferred being at home with close friends or reading a good book rather than to go to a Hollywood nightclub or premiere.She loved gardening, art, cooking, writing poems and reading. People close to her spoke of her being very down to earth and she was always the first to volunteer to help to the dishes. She was very unmateralistic.
She wasn´t afraid to break the rules or norms and wear clothes that weren´t "normal" in the 1950´s and she encouraged women to embrace their curves and bodies.
She proved that a girl with a poor background at orphanges and foster families could achieve great things and become the world´s biggest movie star.
She was extremly intelligent. She was eager to learn and improve herself.
She was enormously genrous. She would often buy gifts to her friends and if someone commented that they liked something she would most likely give it to them.
She never talked badly about other people. Even if they had made her upset or did something bad, she never spoke ill about anybody.
She was a amazing woman and she had a lot more to offer than people give her credit for. I wish more people would see that she was so much more than most people think.

Have a great weekend, darlings! 
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Great! Love!

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Vet typ inget om Marilyn, vilket är skamligt!! Men hon var ju så jävlans vacker!

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Love your blog!!!

Svar: Thank you, I´m glad you like it. :)