Why do I like old hollywood?

I got requests on instagram to tell my story, how I became interested in old hollywood, vintage clothing etc. So I thought I would do that!
 I´ve been interested in old hollywood for about 2 years now and it all started with one of my teachers. She wore vintage clothes from the 1930´s and 1940´s, and I honestly fell in love with her style, so ever since then, I´ve loved vintage clothes. Even though it´s a unpopular opinon, I love that vintage shops and antique shops are often very small and hard to find, because I think it´s fun and cozy.
After I "discovered" vintage clothing, I also became interested in old hollywood celebrities. Ever since I was little I´ve heard about Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Grace Kelly and others, but I never really knew a lot about them. Now, I can´t get enough of them! Espesically Marilyn Monroe. I know it may sound strange to some of you, but she means the world to me, even though I´ve never met her. She makes me smile and in some way, she can make me feel better and help me through the day. If I´m feeling blue, I love to listen to her interviews, she has such a beautiful and calming voice. 
However, I hope you all got answers to your questions!
Here is a stunning image of Marilyn by Cecil Beaton, February 1956. This was actually her favourite photograph of herself.  
/Love Julia
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